About us


Hally is a psychiatric mental health nurse that has started this fund raising, as she has seen the devastation that this pandemic has caused on so many people in her care. Not only people already suffering from a mental illness, but everyone who has been effected by 2020 and the Covid. We are both passionate about mental health.

Rosie and Hally are looking forward to taking this charity further, to not stop at selling all the hearts, but to continue to spread the word, to continue to make a difference, and to continue to raise money for the vulnerable, the not so fortunate and the people that feel alone. No one is ever alone, let’s speak out, let’s talk about the uncomfortable, and let’s unite and change.


Our aim is to sell 1000 hearts at £3.50 each. Or why not donate more?

“No donation is too little”


To start a conversation and get people talking about their own personal lived experiences of mental health, through this we aim to raise awareness and change lives.

“It’s ok not to be ok”

#mentalhealthawareness #impact #mentalhealthmatters

Snap a pic of you and your heart, to help raise awareness, show you’re love by sharing online and tag us on Instagram Unite_4_change


Hally is a qualified psychiatric nurse and works with service users who suffer with complex, serious and enduring mental health difficulties. She always presents a cheerful face to service users no matter how long or busy a day she may have had. She gives the patients the confidence to believe there is ‘hope’ even during the difficult troubled times of their lives.

Mental health has no restriction and can affect anyone, it has no limits. Hally has lived experiences, her brother suffered from covid and has long term covid. She has personally witnessed how this has impacted her brother and his mental health.

Therefore it is our responsibility to unite and come together to make a positive change, support each other and create a community of support around mental health as well as raise awareness.


Rosie is a student nurse, currently working with psychiatric patients, from all swings of life.

She loves working within the mental health trust, and her passion is working with patients holistically, and working towards care that is structured for a particular person, rather than care that fits all. There are so many people that are suffering with their mental health that are too afraid or ashamed to come forward and ask for help.

She wants to normalise mental health to something that everyone will experience at some stage in their life. Rosie has experienced moments of high anxiety and depression in her life, and her healing was knowing that she was not alone in those feelings.

Anyone that has ever experienced mental health can understand that knock backs only make you stronger, and she believes the more mental health is normalised the more people will heal from their hardships.