the kisii story

These Fair Trade products are handcrafted by a large team of nearly 500 skilled craftspeople in Tabaka, Kisii County, in south western Kenya. using simple masonry tools.

By purchasing these products, you help create a sustainable income for many families who are very proud to make these beautiful products.

The raw soapstone is mined by hand as it is found near to the surface.

The soft soapstone is then sawn and chopped into rough shapes. The artists carve the detail in the stone, before it is rubbed down with water.

It is then coloured with a natural dye and the beautiful designs are etched to reveal the original natural soapstone colour.

underneath. Finally, the product is polished with natural wax to create these beautifully finished products.



All the products are hardcrafted and made from natural stone.


Ocean friendly

A heart stone will never pollute the seas – it will become a pebble.


Plastic free

Made from natural materials with no plastic in packaging.


Fair trade

Helping disadvantaged Kenyan communities.



By skilled Kenyan artisans.

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